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Beware Maid Agency Scammer Company : Mirror Mirror DOT MY Sdn. Bhd. (1026232-V) Person in Charge : TAN CHING YENG (850918-14-6400) Director  Mobile Number : 0173333008 Bank : Maybank Account No. : 512884062691

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Pangkat PDRM

Pangkat Polis Diraja Malaysia mempunyai 16 peringkat pangkat yang dibahagikan kepada 2 kategori, iaitu kumpulan Pegawai Kanan Polis bermula dari pangkat Inspektor sehingga Inspektor General Polis, dan Kumpulan Pegawai Rendah Polis Dan Konstabel. Kumpulan Pegawai Kanan Polis terbahagi kepada 2 kelompok di mana pegawai berpangkat Asisten Superintendan Polis ke atas …

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The Malaysian Constitution

The Malaysian Constitution The Constitution of a State may be defined as “a collection of principles according to which the powers of the government, the rights of the governed and the relations between the two are adjusted.” In other words, it may be described as “a frame of political society …

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Licensing requirements: A person shall not make a parachute descent other than an emergency descent unless he/she is the holders of a parachutist license. A person shall apply for a parachutist license to the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia. The Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia may issue license for the …

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