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Samsung Low Yat Note 4 Cheating Case

So I waited and waited to get Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to dropped its price after the release of Note 5 (dunwan Note 5, no space expansion, no replaceable battery) because I am a cheap skate. laugh.gif

Then I bought one (32GB) at Low Yat on 19/09/2015, a new SME set with 1-year Samsung warranty, the guy gave me a price at RM1850. I was satisfied already since I malas wanted to survey more shop.

The sales guy opened the box in front of me, and broke the seal using a pen knife.

What first tipped me off were:
1. He said in mandarin to his friend (he thought I was non chinese for sure), “Eh the battery still got juice”.

2. I asked “so I registered this phone online, right?”, he replied “ya ya” without looking at me.

3. Then when I was about to leave, he told me “if anything happened, please bring the phone to him first.”, I replied “why? I have the 1-year samsung warranty maa”, he said “if you bring it to me, it will be processed faster since we are the distributor”

Feeling suspicious already, I brought it back home and check the phone, the SME sticker was at the back, so it was not an AP set. Lega a bit. The phone was all okay, no scratch just like a new set.

Then I saw Samsung paper notice saying ratailer needs to register the phone on behalf of the customer (I tried to register this myself but I don’t have the shop code).

user posted image
user posted image

But I can check the warranty period if I have the IMEI, so I sent the SMS:

user posted image

Bam! ohmy.gif

user posted image

Almost pengsan when I saw the SMS reply. Then I reasoned to myself no need to get panic so fast, maybe since it was not registered before, Samsung will just default it to the manufacturing date (which is true).

Then I started to hunt the web on how to register the Samsung phone, and found a lowyat forum member who does it for free. Big thanks to FallenOut! thumbup.gif

And I got this replied from FallenOut, bam!

356770060089222 SM-N910CZKEXME 2015-09-21 XXXXX XXXXXXX I Invalid [Already Registered]


I plan to get an exchange tonight liao, don’t know what will happen later. What worries me the receipt doesn’t mention it was a new set, jilaka. The seller can just said I bought a second hand set.

Any advice from ktard ka?

inb4 padan muka cheap skate
inb4 you should wait for low yat 2 to open to get a cheaper phone
inb4 please start another riot

Actually I was unlucky before, many years ago I bought a NOKIA phone ori set also from low yat, but later I found an AP distributor sticker inside. So I reported police and reported the case to the tribunal. The seller marah marah but later chickened out and paid me the full amount. Wasted my time.


Update: 6:19pm 22 Sept

Just called Samsung customer service.

The guy said it was a serious case and will escalate the case (maybe this is just a standard reply, lol).

The guy said please don’t do anything yet, samsung will contact me within 2 days — I asked him if I confront the shop first can ka? he said please don’t do anything yet.

I have email everything (the details, the sad story) to Samsung. So need to wait for them to reply lor.

Since now it is a Samsung’s reported case, high chance I will get nothing out of this liao doh.gif cry.gif I think I won’t get any refund from the shop, sigh.

You know what? Luckily I haven’t rooted the phone, ba ha ha ha! My gut said there was fishy about the phone.


LOL, who pandai pandai lipoted this thread as racial/religious?

The seller is chinese, but so am I lah! tongue.gif


Sambung cerita liao:

The day I opened this thread, I really suspected that the set was not new.

First, the instruction manual was not crisp, got folded at one corner some more. So I tak sedap hati so I downloaded Phone Info for Samsung and I got this:

user posted image

The headset connect count was 21 even though I hadn’t cucuked the phone with any head set yet. Maybe the reading was not accurate (see the charge count) but upon seeing the reading I patah hati. sad.gif

*Note: download the app here:


So immediately I contacted Samsung and report my story. Telling Samsung about the IMEI and the warranty period.

Samsung advised me not to do anything yet, saying they would do the investigation first. I okay with it since I was too lazy to go to Lowyat again, lol.

Samsung also asked me to send the info in details via email, including the receipt (with Shop address), the warranty SMS message, etc.


The next day (23 Sept. night time), I got this from Samsung:

Dear Mr. Billy,

Thanks for your information. We will appeal your case to reactivate this IMEI number based on the given purchased date (19 Sep 2015). However, it will take around 7 processing days as we will direct this E-warranty reactivation case to HQ , and we shall update you once the warranty period is being updated. Nevertheless, we will investigate the particular dealer who involved in this pre-registration case.

Warmest Regards,

Samsung eWarranty

Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd.

Suite E-09-01, Level 9, East Wing,

ICON Jalan Tun Razak, No.1, Jalan 1/68F,

50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email : ewarranty.sme@samsung.com

Business Hour: 9am~6pm (Mon~Fri)

I now facepalm my own face. I knew the best Samsung could do was to extend the warranty (even this is not guarantee I will receive it). So clearly I need to act on my own. The bad thing was I had to travel the next day evening… so I needed to go lowyat tomorrow morning.


The next day, I went to the stall that sold me the phone in Lowyat. The guy who sold me the phone was on leave, however his co-worker was there (and the co-worker was present when I bought the phone).

First thing I told the guy was Samsung asked me to get this replaced since Samsung suspected this set was a second hand set (LMFAO). I also showed the screen capture of the Phone Info saying it was impossible that the head set was cucuked before since I did not have a head phone (I did have one in my pocket actually, lol). I also showed him the charge count reading (which I knew was hardly accurate, lol)

Surprisingly, the guy did not even act surprised or mad. He just took the phone, inspected it a bit. He then contacted the guy who sold me the phone bisik bisik between them.

Then the guy contacted his supplier asking about the availability of stocks of new phones. Unfortunately for me, he told me no stock available and asked me to returned on the coming monday (I overheard stock ada, but the price was more expensive). Since I was in hurry to go outstation, I just said okay.


Then Monday came and I returned to KL and went to Lowyat yet again. Fucuking wasted my time really.

This time the guy who sold me the phone ada, but his co-worker takda pulak. I said I came for a new replacement of the phone as promised by his friend. He then pura pura contacted his friend just to confirm what his friend promise (wasting my time lah) — of course la his friend told him the promise already.

Probably no new phone to gib me.

He then asked me to wait for a while, he said he would get a new phone from his supplier. A while that became around half an hour waiting.

Then he returned (leaving me at the counter), and told me “Sorry, no stock. If you want you can buy Note 5 and pay extra. Why you no want Note 5, I am also using Note 5.” WHO IS THIS STUPID TO BELIP YOU LAH! mad.gif

Immediately I asked for a refund. But he said if refund he could only pay RM1800 (I bought at RM1850 + RM40 for tempered glass), no full refund since his boss (not at the shop, but some where) said I used the phone for a week already (I did not, I just put the phone in the box). Fuuuuuuuu I was mad instantly, I then cakap kuat kuat about being not fair blah blah blah, during that time there was a customer next to me and the guy just stared at me.

Then guy contacted his boss again, probably because I was loud. The boss agreed to pay RM1850 but tempered glass he won’t accept back. I took a deep breath and said find, gib me my RM1850 back. I didn’t mind keeping a used tempered glass because I just to tired of this stupid show.


Immediately I when to lower ground after that to Samsung shop and bough myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which was more expensive almost nearly 1 thousand ringgit.

Fucuk my life.

Now I have a new phone. laugh.gif (Actually Note 5 was not bad, l like the camera and the finger scanner — better than Note 4).



Who wants to know the shop name, please PM me. tongue.gif


During the whole conversion I secretly recorded the voice, mana tau I needed to bring the case to the tribunal ka.

I also wrote back to Samsung saying I got my full refund.

Source : https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/3720517

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