A Selling D at RM199
B Interested on D
B Selling E at RM199
C Interested on E
C Contact B
B Asking C pay RM199 to A
B Tell A payment in after got paid confirmation by C
A Check Payment tru and postage D to B
C Got Nothing


A = Scammer (A Girl)
B = Me
C = 3rd Party Seller

~ A post a Samsung S3 in Mudah.my for RM1200
~ B saw the ad, interested and contact A
~ A asking B location
~ B answering KL
~ A find other ad in Mudah.my by C selling S3 @ RM1500 with same area as B
~ A contact C, agree with RM1500 and discuss on COD.
~ A arrange the COD place and time with C. Tuesday Maybank KLCC 10am
~ A told C that B, her brother will do cod on behalf.
~ A told B that he will COD with C mentioning that C is her brother.
~ A inform B on the COD arrangement at Maybank KLCC on Tuesday 10am

(All this is via phone call as A want to make this as real as she can, and we as a guy normally fall into this  tongue.gif A will by all means avoiding to let we deal directly with buyer/seller for an obvious reason)

(She will told B that dont ever reveal the price that she agree with him to C as she claim that his ‘brother’, C will get angry or disagree with the price because its too low as she just want to sell, dont care much about the loss. What u need to do is meet C, check on the phone, then straight bank in to her if proceed, then only she will let his brother give the phone to u.)

(At the mean time she already told C that, her brother, B will check the phone for her, and if all ok, will withdraw the money and pay him)

Tuesday 10AM @ Maybank KLCC

~ C Waited B at Maybank KLCC
~ B arrived, check the phone, not saying anything (he remember what A told him), direct bank in to A
~ B back to C and inform that he already bank in to his sister, A and ready to collect the phone from him
~ C said WTF!!  rolleyes.gif

After that, i guess u already know what happen  laugh.gif. Afterall, COD is not safe as well. Just take all the precautions. .


I dunno whether this is the right place to write but I just want to warn all sellers who cod their gadgets. What happened was tonight a Malay guy cod with me for a galaxy note 2. We met at designated point and he was bringing his son along too. After checking my phone, he pay me 15 pieces of rm100 new note. When the cash passed to me, I found that it was like paper quality and don’t feel like plastic like rm5 and rm10. Though I have not really encountered rm100 new note, but my gut feeling was telling me it was fake. But some how I wanted to believe him, so I ask him to follow me to nearest ATM cash deposit machine, so i can bank in the cash…so the Malay guy said ok and ask me to wait for him to get his car and follow me behind. I even asked his car no and he replied proton saga 3123. I waited 5 mins, he still not show up so I called him, he said his wife is still in the shopping mall, he ask me to wait…10 mins passed, I called him again….guess what?   He switched off his phone. Phew, I was so lucky that I insisted to bank in the cash else I will be the next fake notes victim

This kind of people should be penalised   and those who encounter similar incident like me, pls remember to insist to cash in the cash if you are doubtful of the genuine notes.

Nowadays, seller is the one being scam and con….the whole world has changed where there are lousy customers, con artist, scammers and lot more losers out there.

Therefore, pls be cautious. Better be bit careful than sorry later



The Story

On 24th June 2010 (Thursday), I got a call from someone calling himself raymond. He told me that he is so interested with the Laptops that i advertised in Mudah.com. To make it looks real, he asking me if he can trade in his friend’s Toshiba L510. I m asking for the spec, and after some hrs, he send me the full spec. I told him that i take it RM1,200 and he need to top up RM13,200 considering each of my 3 laptops selling at RM4,800. After some negotiation, i agree to reduce RM200, make it RM13,000 top up. He said that was cool and straightaway tell me that he gonna check his bank account whether he can make it that day (24th June 2010) or not. After sometimes, he sms saying that he got not enough cash and ask me if i can wait until 28th June 2010 (Monday) because he said thats was his payday. I said, okay.. i will wait.

On 28th June 2010, i sms him if we can deal today as he said b4, he straightaway call me and said he got his pay by cheque and need 2 days to be cleared. Maybe on Wednesday, it will be clear and he said he will contact me back later on Wednesday. I said OK.

On 29th June 2010, he call me when i m at office, saying that his friend decide to not to trade in his Toshiba, and he will pay full amount. I guess its was a good news for me. So i said, No Problem. He said, tomorrow he will contact me again to confirm time n place. He said maybe at lunch time, 1.30pm. Again, i m OK with it.

On 30th June 2010, early in the morning around 8am, he call me to confirm the time. 1.30pm at his apartment at Bandar Puteri Puchong. He gave me the full address and ask me to come to his house. I said to him, that i might come after 1.30pm then, since i m working n got something to settle 1st including fixing my car and posting the 16gb 3gs to jhlee_0722 which he had paid today and expect to send before 3pm as i promise him. Right at 1.30pm, he call me said that he already at home and waiting for me. I said, i will be there 1hr later, but he said he need to be back at office by 2.30pm. I guess, i have no choice but to settle deal with him 1st, considering that I might still have a time later to go Pos Laju to send the phone.

Raymond keep call me asking if i could reach his house in time, at last i arrive at his apartment area at 1408. Direct call him, and meet him at the parking area. Average guy, definitely chinese, wearing shorts and blue t-shirt (eh, u said rushing to go back to office, but u wearing shorts?). I say sorry to him for my late. He said ok, even help me carrying one of the laptop and take me to his house. His apartment is a ground floor. He even tell me that he hope i will don’t mind to come into his house because he said he has a dog but then the dog was pent up in a cage. Then i said nevermind.

He lock off his house padlock, and ask me to come in. Entering his house, nice and clean house i must say. Tv was open. I sat down at the couch right in front of the TV, and start to open each laptop for checking purpose while he lock up the sliding door padlock. Upon checking, i found that the laptop out of batt and i pull out the charger from its packaging to charge it so that we can test. He said its ok, i can open another one, because he dont want the real package of charger been open. I said OK. I open another one which is still in sealed. Unfortunately, that unit also need to be charge. Then, he said OK la. I trust u, furthermore the laptop is sealed. At the moment, i said how come he dont want to check? This is 14K plus deal. Hmm. nvm la, maybe he really urgent to get back to office. After that, we talk about the price again, and he ask to nego some more, from RM14,400. I said RM14,200, then he ask me RM14,100, he said he doesnt want to nego until 14K, simply because i already had trouble coming all my way to his apartment. Then i said OK lah..

After that, he bring all the laptops to one of the room, and ask me to wait because he need some time to prepare the money. I m understand because i myself will do the same if in his situation. It is RM14K money  sweat.gif. Before entering his room with all the laptops, he telling me that i can turn the tv to the other channel if i insist, and after a while, he ask me whether i want some drink, i m asking for plain water. After handed me a glass of water, again he ask me to wait for him to prepare the money.

After 15 minutes waiting (isnt that long? but trust me, i really have no doubt of him because it was his house. He has the house key!!), he smsed me, the SMS that i will never ever forget, the SMS i will never ever delete from my phone..


Straightaway i see the key on the tv rack, going to the room, its locked… i calling his name, silence.. i go get the house key, open the padlock, and i saw from the outside of the room, the grill has been open, the window has been open, there is a chair outside and inside the room. I was stunned for 2-3 minutes.. i go back inside the house, checking other rooms, but all the rooms was locked. The dog in the cage have some weird looks on me. I went out from the house, lock up the sliding door and grill, fasten to the guard house. I m asking whether they have see the guy (i describe the guy to them) drove out from the apartment, they said they never notice. All residents coming in, going out, so they really didnt notice. I ask them whether i can have the details of the house owner. I told to the management and security head what was happen, and they called the owner, single chinese girl (call her Alice). Alice was then come back home from office. She is working 8-6.

Alice arrive and the story is, Raymond was one of her room renter. He rent the room, paying 2 months rent (Mei and June), but never going in. 2 week before, he came to Alice office to get the house key, Alice did ask for his IC Copy, but then he manage to not giving what Alice want by so many excuses, telling that he will give her that night when he moving in to the room. Alice said, she got no choice but to give him the key and was weird because he never move in that night as what he said. She keep calling Raymond, but Raymond said he was so busy outstation, meeting client (claiming to Alice that he is an insurance agent), so he cannot pick up call. Alice don’t bother because he seems like a good person, met her with his gf and the point is, he already pay her the rent. Alice was so kind, later she going to police station nearby with me for making report. She herself need to buy new sets of padlock because Raymond might be back again. The only details i got was his hp number. And Alice got his another number. For sure, both number cannot be reach. I m not going to expose the number, because i m pretty sure he will never use the number back. If happen i manage to get thru the number, i will expose it here later. I m so lucky actually that nothing from the house was stolen, Raymond just using the house trick me. If not, i maybe in trouble too.

If you can see, he start all this from renting the room from Alice. He need a ground unit, for sure a room with windows so easy for him to get out, he was so smart to make it like he is not so urgent on buying, he told he need to wait until his payday.. whatsoever.. what for? he dont have to prepare the money, he just lose around 7xx to pay Alice, but looks what he got. He was successful. Talking on the phone like he was so professional, never forget to say thanks in the end of each sms/call conversation, what can i say, he was so smart. TBH, i never ever expect that i got to be cheat. But God have show me that we all need to always thanks HIM. This is HIS test to me and i guess i really need to face it. Life must go on.

The Lesson To Me and You :
1) Never ever pass the stuff before money in hand, even if you are in his house.
2) Bring someone with you.
3) Dont simply be tricked to a smart guy.
4) …… You can list down yours.

The Lesson To Alice :
1) YOu got the money, you dont have his details, you give him your
house key??  sweat.gif
2) List down yours

Source : https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1579999

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